The staff training and development needs of every company varies depending on size, location, industry sector and position in the growth cycle. At Bamboo, we offer a range of products custom designed for your specific needs.

Since 2007 we have designed, and delivered, programmes which include 3 day multi-company events and bespoke in-house challenges. In-house events have ranged from a one-day event for 50 Managing Directors at an Investment Bank, to a 3 month programme of qualifier events across China for 1,200 staff from PwC, feeding into a 'Grand Final' for 300 in Beijing.

  • All our events are modular, with stages taking anything from 90 minutes to 3 hours. Each stage is designed from scratch, and can incorporate greater or lesser degrees of physicality and strategy, to ensure that all staff, from junior trainees to Managing Directors, are equally engaged.

  • We also work with a number of business consultants to design programmes which assist in the development of key business competencies. These sessions can be run in the office, and independently from the outdoor event, or incorporated into a challenge via a competitive business game.

  • In addition, we also offer pre and post-event facilitated de-brief sessions to help participants understand how their experiences are directly relevant to the work-place, and ensure these experiences and lessons learnt translate into enhanced performances.

  • Having taken place since 2007 with as many as 200 participants, the HK Challenge sees executive and management trainees from the region's top companies come together to compete head-to-head over 3 days and 2 nights of strategic, physical and mental challenges.

    While the HK Challenge is the most mentally and strategically challenging of all the events we create, participating companies come from all industry sectors, with individuals team members drawn from all divisions, and tiers of management. The reasons most frequently cited by senior management for taking part are:

    : To further enhance leadership skills for staff on High-Performance Leadership Programmes
    : To improve the working relationships between staff from different divisions of the firm
    : To improve client/partner relationships by entering a joint-team
    : As a substitute for existing offsite activities for senior management
    : To help an M.D. identify his future leaders by taking them into a non-work related environment
    : As a incentive or reward for top performing staff

    To visit the SmarTone HK Challenge website, please CLICK HERE

  • Having sent 10 Hi-Pos to participate in the 2010 SmarTone HK Challenge, for 2011, the CLP Group wanted to take these learnings to a much larger group of staff across a number of different divisions, and geographies.

    The CLP Group Challenge was a new initiative lasting a total of 6 months. The process started in April with all staff being invited to apply to take part in the programme. Having been selected, the 60 staff from Hong Kong, India and China then undertook a number of in-country training days. The participants were then invited to Hong Kong to take part in CLP Group's own 3 day challenge, with the top 3 teams winning the right to represent CLP in the SmarTone HK Challenge in October.

    SmarTone HK Challenge - Development and Engagement Programme

    Under direction from CLP, Bamboo designed and implemented all elements of the programme across each geography, as well as supporting all internal communications, web-site design and coordination of the Group Challenge Awards Dinner.

    XXXXX, Group Head of HR had the following to say about their experience with the CLP Group Challenge and working with Bamboo

  • We believe there is a significant gap in the market between what is currently understood to be 'team-building', and what senior executives are really looking for in terms of experiential learning. To fill this gap we create tailor-made programmes lasting from 4 hours to 2 days specifically designed to address a need identified by the client.

    Working with the likes of Pluris Value Consultants enables us to integrate classroom based session designed to improve business specific skills, into a broader event structure. Bamboo will also be available to facilitate post-event de-brief sessions. In short, we can create a package which teaches a theoretical skills, tests it in peer-to peer competition, then works with management to ensure the lessons learnt have value on returning to work.

    As stated previously, given the modular nature of what we create, events can be designed to be as relevant for a group of Managing Directors, as they are for graduate trainees.